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March 16th 2003
I'm from Mindy
Comments : hey nice site you got here. i enjoyed reading and looking at it. can you check my site out? i'd appreciate if the people who are reading this can check it as well. thanks for your time, and keep up the good work!

October 3rd 2002
I'm fromANYA.
I'm fromNorway.
comments: Hello there, fellow webmaster!
Your site looks all that GREAT ~
I`m really glad I found it... keep on
going... ~ THANK`S for it all ~ your
effort and sharing, too...!
Best wishes & greetings from Anya c",)

January 30th 2002
I'm fromJunko.
I'm fromJapan.
comments: Hi,Alik.I've already entered your guestbook,I guess.But I checked your guestbook again.And I couldn't find my name.So I'm not sure I did or not now...That's why I'm trying to enter to your guestbook again.I hope we are going to meet in your chatroom,one of these days ! See you soon,Alik.

January 6th 2002
I'm fromMarina.
I'm fromwell, i do not really know. Americans like to say proud to be American, i would say: Proud to be Russian, enjoy to be American
comments:I have known Alik for a year. Though I never met him in person, I truly believe I would not be disappointed. Have a good 2002 year, ALik!

Dec 29th 2001
I'm fromSay.
I'm fromBrazil.
comments:I am sure some of friends don't know you the way I do. And they probably don't know how much I like you and how important you are to me. Please, don't blush. :) I have to tell them this secret: You are perfect! Thanks for everything, yours, Say

Dec 23rd 2001
I'm fromTracey Burns.
I'm fromBrisbane-Queensland - Australia.
comments:Hi Alik,i am your penpal in australia.I have enjoyed your web site and am looking forward to becoming a great friend.

Dec 10th 2001
I'm fromNina.
I'm fromBaltimore, Maryland, USA.
comments:I'm your new pen pal. I like your site and am looking forward to getting to know you better :)

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